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Full Moon o Sagashite

is a Japanese shōjo manga by Arina Tanemura. According to the furigana, the kanji in the title are read furu mūn ("full moon") and not mangetsu or mitsuki, the Japanese words for the full moon. In North America, the series is published as Full Moon, although the full title is given on the front cover.

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Full Moon wo Sagashite was made in 2002 and lasted 52 episodes, which is surprising as the manga only has 7 volumes. About half the episodes were filler. The storylines are similar but slowly diverge. The anime's ending was put in place so that people would still buy the manga. Both are happy endings but in the manga there is a time-skip.

Contributed by Ellie Apple Carlin

They just created the anime version not to long ago. It doesn't follow the story line of the manga, but it is still pretty good.

Contributed by Julie Tran

here is the cover page

Contributed by Julie Tran

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