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Guama or the Ice Creme Bean

Looks like cotton but tastes absolutely like candy. Eating these was the best when I visited Colombia.

Contributed by Izzy Gomez

Fruit Salad Tree

In 1990 a family in Australia developed a tree that bears up to 6 different fruits of the same family and they all retain their own individuality

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Be careful what you eat!

This will hopefully make grocery shopping easier when eating healthy!

Contributed by Heather Lupo

Fruit facts!

Another reason as to why you should eat more fruits!

Contributed by Heather Lupo

Farmer's Market

Fresh fruit is common at Farmer's Markets throughout California. This photo was taken where I lived in Marina del Rey, near Los Angeles.

Contributed by Brian Reynolds

Anything that's a root, stem, or leaf of a plant, including rhubarb, qualifies as a vegetable. Fruits are the ovaries of a flowering plant that develop after its seeds are fertilized. Corn, Zucchini, Green beans and tomatoes therefore are considered fruits actually since they are ovaries and don't fit any of the criteria for a vegetable. Berries are fruits that come from a single ovary with multiple seeds so that makes grapes and bananas actually berries while raspberries and blackberries on the other hand are actually "aggregate fruits" Strawberries believe it or not are not really berries and the red part that we eat is called a fleshy receptacle and it's the seeds that are the actual fruits. My mind has been blown from watching this!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

I just found out that Golden Delicious Apples are fat burners... I've been eating them everyday!

Contributed by Ryan Durham

Fruit Infused Water

Combinations for fruit infused water to accomplish certain goals. Its a great guide to use!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Servings of Fruit

What should one serving of fruit look like?

Contributed by Darby Oliver

Bananas are radioactive??

Contributed by Dom Harris

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