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A frog is any member of a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura (Ancient Greek ἀν-, without + οὐρά, tail). The oldest fossil "proto-frog" appeared in the early Triassic of Madagascar, but molecular clock dating suggests their origins may extend further back to the Permian, 265 million years ago. Frogs are widely distributed, ranging from the tropics to subarctic regions, but the greatest concentration of species diversity is in tropical rainforests. There are approximately 4,800 recorded species, accounting for over 85% of extant amphibian species. They are also one of the five most diverse vertebrate orders.

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Seven Teeny Tiny Species of Frog Discovered in Brazil

Following a 5 year hunt in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest this frog and 6 other new species were discovered. These micro-amphibians all belong to a group known as Brachycephalus. which are up there with the world's tiniest known terrestrial vertebrates. Photo taken by Luiz Fernando Ribiero. No idea frogs could be this tiny!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

The Frog in a Frog Could Give Treatment To Humans

Researchers are searching for this gastric brooding frog last seen in 1985. This frog is rare in its ability to swallow its egg and eventually give birth in its mouth. Very unusual! What is more interesting is that tadpoles develop in the absence of acidic digestive juices in the stomach of the frog, which could give doctors a new treatment for stomach ulcers for humans. Awesome! My microbiology class has peaked my interests in animals, that can contribute to treatments for humans.

Contributed by Markeisha Satchell

Glass Frog

Wow, you can see through the frog's skin and actually see its internal organs!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


Save me from the rain.

Contributed by Jennifer Cisneros

Certain frogs can be frozen solid and still be alive after being thawed!

Contributed by Kathy Guo

The Amazon horned frog has a reputation for eating everything in sight. Some have even died trying to eat prey larger than their bodies. This is one species that never learned portion control. By the way they are very territorial, so don't try to take this guy's pumpkin.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Hairy Wolverine Frogs

The hairy frog-- yes, a frog with hair-- has a defense mechanism in which it breaks its own bones in order to release pointy claw-like bones from their toe pads.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Feeling Froggy?

Cute little Tree frog I found in West Ky.

Contributed by Sarah Shipley

Although frogs can't empty their stomachs like humans do, they have an alternative method. They throw up their entire stomach then dig out the contacts with the forearms. After everything is out, they swallow their stomach back down and live life like before.

Contributed by Kash Farney

Too cute!

Contributed by Alicia Kimberly Hauskins

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