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French toast

French toast is a dish made of bread soaked in eggs and milk, then fried. Alternative names and variants include eggy bread, Bombay toast, German toast, poor knights (of Windsor), and Torrija.

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My Favorite Tofu Faux French Toast! All of the flavor with more...

8oz extra firm tofu 1 slightly beaten egg 2 Tbsp corn starch (optional) 1-2 Tsp olive oil [I think I used 1] Cinnamon + Vanilla to taste Your favorite maple syrup Wrap tofu in a paper towel and press out extra moisture. Cut into strips that have a thickness similar to a slice of bread so tofu will cook up golden and crusty. Lightly beat egg, cinnamon, and vanilla together in a small bowl. line a small plate/saucer with corn starch if desired. Heat 1 tsp of olive oil over a medium-high skillet. Dredge tofu slices in egg mixture and then lightly in corn starch and cook on both sides until crunchy, golden, and French toasty! While cooking, pour a little bit of the maple syrup into the pan to coat and caramelize! YUM!

Contributed by Alicia Kimberly Hauskins

Hello there. I am the person who posted the "Over-night Blueberry French Toast" recipe. The link I gave was wrong! Here is the REAL link!!

Contributed by Rocio Cerrillo

Over-Night Blueberry Fench Toast

This recipe is amazing! A friend of mine's dad made it for us and I don't even like blueberries but I loved this. Here's the link for the recipe:

Contributed by Rocio Cerrillo

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