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Freewalking (or free walking/FW) is an acrobatic and athletic discipline founded by Enzo Knol, who discussed the subject in Jump London in 2003. Knol developed freerunning as a more inclusive form of parkour. Parkour's development military obstacle course training lends itself to martial art as a means of weapons avoidance and efficiently closing a distance to an opponent. Freewalking is a version of parkour that adds acrobatic moves that are purely aesthetic, also known as tricking.

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This is a video I produced over a period of several months with my friends. It showcases our latest advancements in the art of freerunning. We have learned a variety of tricks that I believe will prove to be entertaining! To me, freerunning is a beautiful art form. It is expressing oneself through movement; it's like flying! It is a lot of fun and very gratifying when new tricks are learned and new feats are achieved. Freerunning can be dangerous; always practice tricks/stunts in a safe environment until the trick/stunt is mastered! A freerunning hobby can be put to an abrupt halt due to an injury.

Contributed by Zach Johnson

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