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Fractal art

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Ernst Haeckel was a German Biologist and Artist who discovered and documented microscopic flora and fauna, including animal embryos. His work is very detailed and often colourful. Some of his work, though it is not actually, reminds me of fractal art - he has documented intricate repeating patterns in nature. Check out his book; Art Forms in Nature, Ernst Haeckle Visit this website for more interesting information on this influential man;

Contributed by Sarah Joy Blankenship

It's not funny, it's art

Contributed by Isaiah J. Polstra

Fractals are mathematical repeating patterns. They are often found in nature and can be quite fascinating to look at.

Contributed by Barbara Bartch McGuire


Contributed by Marta Marut

An intriguing paper by Yin-Wei Chang on fractal art as it relates to the butterfly effect in chaos theory. Who knew so much of this seemingly chaotic form of art has its basis in science. Albeit, chaos science, but science nonetheless.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

A surprisingly humorous lecture by Benoit Mandelbrot on the art of roughness--a form of fractal art.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

Again, this Lovely art piece.

Contributed by Rachel Chow

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