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wish i could play

Contributed by Tori Sebastian

Any guys (or girls) who want to tryout for football, this could help!

Contributed by Angela Loomis

Crazy training! I can only imagine how fit people have to be in order to succeed at this!

Contributed by Angela Loomis

If you do not want to succeed, you will let any little thing stop you from reaching your goals. The game of football will teach you many things in life. The most important is never giving up on yourself and those around you. Aim high and never give up!

Contributed by Omar Ruiz-Medellin

Beginning of the GREATEST sport in America

Contributed by Diamante' Williams

Did you know that the Cowboys have won the Superbowl 5 times? I still have hope for my boys!

Contributed by Aby Rodriguez

What an amazing football touchdown!

Contributed by Derek Lin

Football is an aggressive sport that is played around everywhere.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete


Contributed by Sümeyra Ekin

Fenerbahce..the unexplainable love

Contributed by Sümeyra Ekin