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Waiting for the Season to Begin

The dogs just hanging out waiting until they can watch the Dallas Cowboys again this season

Contributed by Christopher Bruns

School Spirit with my friend who plays high school football!

I love to support my friend, representing him was amazing. Got to love football!

Contributed by Emily Rounds

Anyone can play the sport.

Contributed by Brian Perry

Friday Night Lights

There's nothing better than the rainy Friday nights at Dutch Clark Stadium. #eaglepride

Contributed by Halie Lane

There are different ways of saying FOOT-BALL: football and futbol. They are both sports that are loved by people because these sports are what people in every country understand no matter how it is played.

Contributed by Hannah McClure

Four seasons of football

Or really any sport!

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

It's more then a sport..

It's not about whether you win or lose but how you play the game!

Contributed by Caitlyn Sosinsky

Love College Football and love a great laugh!

Contributed by Brianna Tonn

This is so cool. What a creative way to make a player's day.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

As many players know, playing the game on a team has to end someday, but every day is a memory with football. No matter what, live life now with football because one doesn't know when its time to hang up the pads for one last time.

Contributed by Kevin Cervantes

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