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When you're sleepy in the morning, a glass of orange juice or an apple can help stimulate you with a natural effect similar to the caffeine in coffee or tea!

Contributed by Marcella Smith

Breakfast at the French Toast Cafe!

Try out the French Toast Cafe in Japan! Eat along the seawall and watch the beautiful ocean! Photo taken by yours truly, Samantha Williams :)

Contributed by Samantha Williams


Those of you trying to eat healthy, this is amazing and doesn't even taste like you're eating a vegetable!

Contributed by Taylor Mallory

Cookie Shots

I'm so making this

Contributed by Taylor Mallory

Creamy Italian Chicken

This Creamy Italian Chicken recipe looks so good and it is budget friendly!! Its a perfect idea for a family meal!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Grilled Cheese

This looks amazing! My mouth is watering, I want one right now!!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

I am not a vegan, but these videos on the Peta website opened my eyes on where exactly the food we eat comes from.

Contributed by Winter Roybal