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Watermelon Drum Set

I wonder what it's like to play that!

Contributed by Holly Forbes

Food sandwich!

This is interesting!

Contributed by Holly Forbes

Buddha Pear

sculpted buddha out of a pear!

Contributed by Holly Forbes

Zucchini skeleton


Contributed by Holly Forbes

Umm. . .interesting

Cornbread cake Mashed potato icing Brown gravy drizzle Fried chicken topping Hmm. . .idk if this is interesting and good or disturbing and awful

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Samoa Truffles

Those look so delicious!

Contributed by Isabella Diorio

Selling expired food for cheaper prices

So much food in grocery stores go to waste because of incoming expiration dates. However, Boston's Daily Table Supermarket is finally doing something about it: selling nearly-expired food for extremely low prices. That might not sound appealing at first, but a lot of foods that normal stores throw out are far from diseased, foodborne illness-causing specimen. Plenty of perfectly fine produce is tossed because of strict rules. Even if the food is close to expired, Daily Table has a trained chef prepare the food to extend its shelf life. Now fruits and vegetables (and thus healthy dietary choices) can be more affordable. Hopefully this concept can operate on a national scale in the future.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Everything causes cancer, obesity, or heart disease. Everything also has pesticides, is genetically modified, and is shipped from hundreds of miles away. Might as well eat nothing now...or not care.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Odd Food Combinations

Most of us have a couple of weird food combos that we love...some of these sound pretty gross though!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson