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Creative Plating Style

This was a dish I made in Culinary School. I love finding new and inventive ways to serve people! Who would have thought green beans could stand straight up like that!

Contributed by Savannah Witt

Ooooh Yes

It's such a plain and yummy breakfast; but when you add the aesthetic of a beautiful beach on a pretty nice Filipino morning, it becomes a million times more delicious!

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Poke Snacks

Because it is worth it ~

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Filipino Mango Shake

There is nothing more relaxing than drinking a delicious real-fruit mango smoothie on the white, soft sand of a beach in Boracay, Philippines ~

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Ramen and Arizona Tea

Because why not?

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Yellow Watermelon

It tastes almost the same as red watermelon. ALMOST. And hey, red watermelons are so common, so why not eat yellow ones and stand out a bit??

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Loco Moco

I eat this at least once any time I visit Hawaii ~ I've also made it at home, and it's always great!

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Green Tea Ice Cream

If you have not tried green tea flavor, then you are missing out ^_^ I'll leave the main description of its delectable taste for you to discover, but let's just say that it is zen you can eat ~

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Watermelon Lion

Ferocious and Delicious!

Contributed by Holly Forbes

Turtle Watermelon and Fruit Bowl

I want this right now!

Contributed by Holly Forbes