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Here is a list of America's Top 10 Healthiest Places to go.

Contributed by Carmen Lampkin

Although some people are allergic to cheese, this actually looks good!!

Contributed by Irene Torres


A good dip is Sour cream, barbeque sauce, hot sauce, and steak sauce mixed together. It's really good, never tasted better for a spicy yet sweet sauce.

Contributed by Jonah Foisy

All Avocado & Egg Lovers

Packed with OMEGA-3s!

Contributed by Megan Schellong

Got guests at a party but not sure how much food to serve?

Contributed by Megan Schellong

Peruvian Delight

My boyfriend is from Peru. He has been sharing with me all the delicacies from his country. This sweet drink is called Chicha Morada. It includes Purple corn, cloves, appples, pineapple and cinnamon. It is said to have been created before the start of the Incan Empire! Wowzers!

Contributed by Michelle Jenkins

If you are interested in healthy, organic recipes, visit Shoshanna's Kitchen. You will find recipes like this weight loss smoothie - which will not only help you lose weight, but is healthy. Never be concerned with just losing weight, implement healthy choices to help heal your body to work at its top performance - energy, clarity and nutrition. Never use fad diets, just learn to eat a healthy diet that works for you.

Contributed by Traci LaRussa

This is an eye-opening video that is worth watching. Where does the chicken you eat come from? You might want to know!

Contributed by Traci LaRussa

If you are interested in learning about the nutritional value of food or lack thereof, consider watching the video's Food Inc. and Fresh. Every source of food is not the same. Some vegetables are grown with sewage sludge fertilizers and other chemicals. Food that contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), preservatives, hormones and chemicals lose nutritional value while adding harmful substances.

Contributed by Traci LaRussa

Pizza: 75 acres of it are eaten every day in the U. S. every day. It IS quite yummy...

Contributed by Keri Potter