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To me, being able to complete a dozen pullups in a single sequence is a great accomplishment! While I have yet to complete one, we all must start somewhere. This website shares great advice and a great training routine!

Contributed by Savannah Lyons


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This looks like so much fun!

Contributed by Brittany Naugler

15 Year Old Crossfitter

At a mere 15, Sydney Sullivan is sitting at the top of the Leaderboard and is undefeated in the first 5 events of the Crossfit Games this year in 2015! It is truly her year!

Contributed by Maddy Hunt

Crossfit is more than the cult that most people assume it is. It is truly an inspiring and motivating fitness regime that is sweeping the nation. Crossfit has changed my life and made me want to be better in everything I do.

Contributed by Maddy Hunt

Best Nutrition and program available!

Contributed by Rebecca Elizabeth Couch

Its important to not have any fear when in the gym. Many of my friends say they don't want to go to the gym because they are self conscious and fear what people will think of them. In reality, you have every right to be at the gym as everyone else. You are trying to improve your body just like everyone else and are in no position to be made fun of.

Contributed by Daniel Carr


Beachbody in home fitness! Never packed like the gym :) Photo taken by yours truly, Samantha Williams :)

Contributed by Samantha Williams

Here are some useful tips on making your workout regimen most effective.

Contributed by Sarah Silber

Simple to lose, but be patient

We all want to be healthy, fit, toned, or want bikini bodies. But how can we if we live in a place where there's always fast food restaurant just about in every corner of the street that trigger our brain to crave for. Or we choose to have unhealthy eating habits. When was the last time you sat down to enjoy a meal? To cook at your kitchen. To see the nutriens your taking into your body that functions for you to be active for a beautiful day. Think over about your health. You'll feel the change of your body and mentally feel better by the choices you choose to eat. Always remember to hydrate you body. Clean eating and being active will get your results. Be active ✌️

Contributed by Ashley Sotelo

You got to remember how to drink all that water somehow...

I love this way of tracking water intake. It makes it much less dull and sort of fun.

Contributed by Becca McKeogh

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