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My favorite fish is the discus fish. First discovered by Dr. Johann Jacob Heckel. It is a freshwater fish mainly found in black water rivers on the amazon in Brazil. It is named due to its disc shaped body. It lives in tree roots of the mangroves. Their disc shaped bodies help them glide easily in between these narrow tree roots. This helps shelter them and protect them from predators. They have the most unique patterns of any freshwater fish.

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Beta fighter fish

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Albino Stingray

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The giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne) is the longest known species of bony fish on Earth. The longest on record was 11 metres (36 ft); however, unconfirmed specimens of up to an astonishing 17 metres (56 ft) have been reported. Its huge size and its undulating method of swimming has led many to speculate that it may be the source of "sea serpent" legends. Like many denizens of the deep, we know little of their biology or lives. They are occasionally caught by fisherman or wash up ashore, but live sightings are few and far between.

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