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Fire in the Blood (2013 film)

Fire in the Blood is an internationally acclaimed 2013 documentary by Dylan Mohan Gray depicting the intentional obstruction of low-cost antiretroviral drugs used for treatment of HIV/AIDS from reaching people in the countries of Africa and other parts the global south, spearheaded by Western pharmaceutical companies armed with patent monopolies and various rich-country governments (above all those of the United States, European Union and Switzerland) doing their bidding. The documentary also shows how the battle against this blockade, estimated to have resulted in ten- to twelve million completely unnecessary deaths, was fought and (at least temporarily) won.

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Sussle Community, I beg of you to take 2 minutes and 42 seconds out of your day to watch this trailer. I saw this documentary a little less than a year ago and it changed my life. In case you haven't click the play button, maybe you will after reading this quotation from the trailer: "You fight our patent monopolies, we will make sure you die."

Contributed by Tony Hart

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