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Finals may refer to:

  • Final examination, a test given to students at the end of a course of study or training.
  • Finals (comics), a four-issue comic book mini-series.
  • In sports and competitions:
    • Another term for playoffs, describing a sequence of contests taking place after a regular season or round-robin tournament, culminating in a final by the first definition.
    • Final (competition), the last contest in a sporting competition, which decides a winner for an event

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Finals Survival Guide

I used most of these tips this past year, and it helped a ton!

Contributed by Kaitlyn Brielle

The Reality of Finals

Is it only my professors that do this?

Contributed by Tyler Workman

Finals Week

At the end of the semester, projects in every class and papers stacking up, this is definitely how it feels. Then you think about all of the tests you are going to have to take.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Good Luck with Finals

You got this!

Contributed by Jordan See

We've all been there

I feel his pain..

Contributed by Jordan See

Finals are rough

I can relate to this, especially when finishing an art final project.

Contributed by Jenna Julien

finals week

Contributed by Lindsay Favero

cramming and rewriting notes and the like

Contributed by Jessica Zhou

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