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In a line of dialog in P. T. Anderson's "Boogie Nights" William H. Macy's character is supposed to say - according to the script- that his wife has cock in her ass but instead Macy proclaims she has ass in her cock. Anderson enjoyed this mistake so the line is still present in the final movie.

Contributed by Legacy Gottler

Even BIG popular films (such as The Pirates of the Caribbeans, Twilight, Harry Potter films, etc.) have mistakes in them while editing and filming. This is actually really cool and fun to look at!

Contributed by Brittany Avale

Though it is a fairly mundane video, it is the oldest surviving copy of film, circa 1888. It is titled "Roundhay Garden Scene" and is without sound as this technology was not developed until 1927 with the debut of "The Jazz Singer" as the first film with sound.

Contributed by Olivia Haas

In 1888, Thomas A. Edison, with his invention of the light bulb and relative discoveries/inventions, developed a rudimentary video camera by the name of the Kinetograph. Appropriately, the Kinetograph was named to denote its ability to capture motion, or kinetics. The oldest surviving film was captured by a Kinetograph and has been titled "Roundhay Garden Scene." It was filmed in 1888.

Contributed by Olivia Haas