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...And also donuts

Yay Feminists!

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Pixar Feminism!

Love Elastigirl!

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Sara Bahayi is Afghanistan’s first female taxi driver recently. At 38, she is not married and is speaking out against gender roles. Supporting her family, Bahayi stated, “For how long should women depend on men’s income, taking the men’s orders? I want them to be independent, to do something for themselves.”

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

Don't laugh if it's not funny

Amy Poehler knows the difference between humor and pity laughs. Don't laugh at a boy's joke just because he expects it

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

Simply put, privilege is inherent benefits given to someone by society for something that they do not choose. Examples are white privilege, straight privilege, and male privilege. An important part of intersectional feminism is recognizing what privileges you have, and making sure you aren't speaking over people who don't have the same advantage. Additionally, feminism is about dismantling that privilege so that everyone has equal standing within society.

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It goes both ways

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Tina Fey's input on how people think feminism is a joke.

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Gender Equality

Emma Watson's amazing speech at the UN

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If We Gave Men the Same Advice

This is a humorous and well-put article about what it would look like to give men the same rape advice we give women. Though I believe it is a bit of a stretch—women do need be informed about ways to protect themselves—it is an interesting look at the way our society tends to assign responsibility to the victim.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

positive message!

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