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Although I do find video games entertaining, it's important to keep these factors in mind, and how to separate the game's version of women from reality.

Contributed by Samantha Kamman

As we go through 2013, I hope we can begin to see some more feminism present in video games.

Contributed by Samantha Kamman

An everydayfeminism article about the pressures on adolescents to have perfect-looking social media pictures.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Sounds like a perfect evening. >.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Feminist Ryan Gosling meme :)

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Cindy Sherman was a feminist artist. Her most notable works were from the 1970s during the feminist wave. She created a theme of photographing herself with the look of a stereotypical aspiring movie star from the 1960s era. The photos were black and white, she'd usually pose in a vulnerable position looking off as if daydreaming. This theme criticizes the readymade female "types" (sexually vulnerable, naïve, etc ) that the media creates for women to aspire to become. Information from Art History 152 course Photo courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

"A sleepless woman could always rise from her bed, wrap a shawl around her shoulders and sit on the steps in the moonlight. And if she felt like it she could walk out the yard and on down the road. No lamp and no fear. A hiss-crackle from the side of the road would never scare her because what ever it was that made that sound, it wasn't something creeping up on her. Nothing for miles around thought she was prey. She could stroll as slowly as she liked, thinking of food preparations, of family things, or lift her eyes to the stars and think of war or nothing at all. Lampless and without fear she could make her way. And if a light shone from a window up a ways and the cry of a colicky baby caught her attention, she might step over to the house and call out softly to the woman inside trying to soothe the baby. The two of them might take turns massaging the infant stomach, rocking, or trying to get a little soda water down. When the baby quieted they could sit together for a spell, gossiping, chuckling low so as not to wake anybody else. The woman could decide to go back to her bed then, refreshed and ready to sleep, or she might stay her direction and walk further down the road, past other houses, past the three churches, past the feedlot. On out, beyond the limits of town, because nothing at the edge thought she was prey." - Toni Morrison (Paradise)

Contributed by Nart Nerak

Feminist sign.

Contributed by Analleli G Moreno