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Fastpitch softball

Fastpitch softball, also known as fastpitch or fastball, is a form of softball played commonly by women and men, though coed fast-pitch leagues also exist. The International Softball Federation (ISF) is the international governing body of softball. The ISF recognizes three pitching styles: fast pitch, "modified" fast pitch, and slow pitch. Fast pitch is considered the most competitive form of softball. It is the form of softball that was played at the Olympic Games in 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008. The fast pitch style is also used in college softball and international competition.

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It's A Team Effort

When you're on a fastpitch team, it is a team effort. You win, you lose, you celebrate, and you cry as a team. When you're in a game and you make a mistake, it is extremely important that you recover from that mistake. If you aren't able to recover from that mistake, that is what your team is for. They pick you up when you make a mistake and cheer you on when you make a good play. It's about the team effort. Infield misses the ball, outfield backs them up. Outfield gets a ball, infield makes the play. On every play someone is always contributing something. It concerns everyone. It's a team effort.

Contributed by Trisha Glover

I have been playing softball since I was in kindergarten, I am now a senior. Through the years you figure out what fastpitch is all about. As you grow up the players hit harder, and faster. The pitchers pitch faster, and more accurate. Also the concentration intensifies and you have to be on your toes. Softball is very difficult since it is underhand and pitchers throw about 60 mph on average, at 43 feet from the plate. The fences are usually around 225 feet, too. Softball is a very difficult sport.

Contributed by Autumn Kilgus

Outfield is often overlooked in softball (and baseball) because it is seen as a position that does not really get much action during a game. This wide generalization is far from the truth! The outfield can be the most active position dependig on how much dedication a player puts into the game or even practice. While in the outfield you mainly catch pop-ups and field grounders; but there is a greater job that this position provides. The outfielder does not only perform those two tasks, but also serves as the "hero" of the game when a play goes wrong in the infield! Think about it.... when a player in the infield misses a ball who catches it? The outfielder. Who backs up over thrown throws and bunts? Outfielders. Who even backs up a ball when an fellow outfielder misses it? Another OUTFIELDER!!! The outfield is by far a great position that teaches dependability and a drive to perfect catches, fielding and running to be able to help other team mates!

Contributed by Mary Galvan

I have played softball for almost 13 years and I love it. It was my life and I will always have a place in my heart for that one special sport. In high school I was dedicated and would put a lot of time into it. I was a pitcher most of the years except my junior and senior year I played third and right field. I have played every position except first and catcher, but if I was to have to I would have. Softball is a wonderful sport and yes your reaction has to be quick, but there is so much intensity that you just love it. I have missed it, because of going to college. I am actually thinking about coaching it. Softball also is a reliever when something bad is going on or your just frustrated stepping on that field just takes your mind off of everything.

Contributed by Jerika Vega

This is one of the most important aspects of the game, although, there is not much recognition. The catcher is the field general, and the commander of the plays. They are in charge of talking to the team and getting them focused and ready for the next play. A primary goal for the catcher is to always keep the ball in front of them. You do this by blocking the ball and keeping it in range so that the runners won't steal the base on you. Also this position requires the player to be particularly fit and able to move smooth and quickly. This position also requires a mindset that makes one think 3 steps ahead. i.e. "If the ball goes here, then I need to call the play to there etc." This is a very demanding position, but it is also a ton of fun!

Contributed by Sara Dixon

This picture shows that softball is more than just some competition. That to some people who truly enjoy playing its about having fun, while kicking some major butt. In the picture above, the ladies were playing a rival team that they haven't beat in four years. Later that night they beat them in a nail biting game 1-0.

Contributed by Bethany Gayle Sholar

Women fast pitch softball takes much concentration when you are up at the plate. As you can see the determination and concentration on her face. The concentration and positive thoughts allowed her to hit the ball out to right field over the head of the right fielder and to get around to 3rd base.

Contributed by Ruth Duffrin

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