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Fashion journalism

Fashion journalism involves all aspects of published fashion media, including fashion writers, fashion critics, and fashion reporters. This can be fashion features in magazines and newspapers, and may also include books about fashion, fashion related reports on television and online fashion magazines, websites, and blogs.

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Don't let Jay Z's song be the only info you have on Tom Ford.

Contributed by Kisha Markham

Fashion journalism is all bout being a forward thinker while learning about other styles around us.It is not forced to follow the same methodical consistency as regular journalism, with it you are rewarded for having a unique point of view. Like with all journalism it is all about gathering information and reporting on it, however due to our heavily influence from pop culture and celebrities, society typically rely on them for their basis of fashion. So as a result it is a fashion journalist job is to educate and teach about new trends in fashion while making it appealing and less intimidating to the masses.

Contributed by Krystal Bowen

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