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When designing, fashion students, designers, interns, assistants, textile designers, and so on alike, look to the world around them for inspiration. The inspiration is then represented through pictures, fabrics, words which creative immediate feelings, and so on. These pieces are displayed on a magnet board, cork board, etc in a aesthetic manner for presentation of their ideas; often, there are some sketches for the collection available to show with the mood board. In the portfolio, the mood board is then, carried over to the mood page to show the inspiration prior to the viewing of all sketches and merchandising charts within said collection in the portfolio. For more information about mood boards and pages, please refer to Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers by Linda Tain.

Contributed by Ellyn Frisch

When designing and illustrating, one should use 9-head figure for women's. This means the body length should the total of the length of the head one drew 9 times over. The 9-head approach allows for the long, lanky look of the body. The same measuring system applies to the use of approximately 5 heads for drawing children's. The 5-head approach allows for the shorter, more straight down shape of children and toddlers. For more information on the approaches to illustrating fashion figures, please reference the book 9 Heads by Nancy Riegelman.

Contributed by Ellyn Frisch