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Fashion in School

Many public schools and liberal arts colleges offer the study of fashion during the course of the school year or the semester. It helps many young artists and future entrepreneurs to express themselves and get a head start in the things that they love

Contributed by Janelle DeSouza

Absolutely! Without consumers there would be no designers. For one, designers need to make a living. In other words, designers need to make money which they earn from selling pieces of their collections to fashion buyers which eventually gets in the hands of the consumers. So, if customers don’t buy the fashion merchandise then designers will not make money. Secondly, the designers have to care about them because they want to make themselves known. In a way, designers use consumers as a way to show off their talent and market themselves. They use customers as a gateway to become noticed by those that are in the fashion industry.When designers are noticed by those that are in the fashion industry they become a familiar face in the industry.

Contributed by C Obi Anosike

When my sister and I were younger we had our first shoot and it was the best expierence ever. I cant wait to work in fashion (:

Contributed by Tori Grass

If you are really into fashion, FIDM is the school for you!!!

Contributed by Estefani Barragan

Great new fashionable idea.

Contributed by Julie Ann Buckler

You might be asking, why is she posting a song? Under fashion? I really believe that fashion is affected by music. When you ask people what genre they like, more often than not, their clothes will somewhat align with their taste in music. For example, one of my favorite genres is country. It's no surprise then, that I love wearing cowboy boots and sun dresses or ripped denim shorts! I also have noticed that so many hipsters at my school listen to indie and soft music! Im tellin ya- the two fit together :)

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Contributed by Tate Calvo

I don't think fashion always has to mean fancy clothes and jewelery. I think fashion is the simplest way to express who you are and the style you have, no matter what it may be. Fashion is not just chanel and gucci. For me, when I wear skinny jeans with no bling, a semi-plain but attractive shirt, and a pair of boots with my hair down, this is when I feel most beautiful. This is when I feel in my element and when I can show my spirit.

Contributed by Tate Calvo

I love big wild, blonde hair!

Contributed by Tate Calvo


Contributed by Angela Loomis

Trend Forecasting is referenced in the Wikipedia page above as predicting the trends before they are available in stores. At universities and companies, there are computer programs for helping this process, but when you are a poor college student and can not reach a computer program, magazines are an excellent place to start! Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and Women's Wear Daily have very reasonable subscription prices. You will be able to view the advertisements for the latest Designs for every from Yves Saint Laurent to what is being sold at Macy's to have a better understanding of where your designs should be in relation to the current business world of the fashion world. Also, there are many photo shoots and articles to help one better understand the state of business and culture of fashion currently. Keeping the magazines are helpful as one will be able to reference the past for better understanding of the evolution of the fashion as well as referencing the past in one's designs. However, while one can enjoy the lines, prints, styles, etc of the garments, one should not directly look to the piece for inspiration but may say they enjoy such innovation and chose to incorporate similar design choices.

Contributed by Ellyn Frisch

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