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Katy Perry on her fashion and career. Her advice, be yourself and take risks. Don't just follow the trends.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

DIY is trending in the fashion world. Pinterest and other websites have made it very easy for people to find tutorials to embellish or make their own looks. I personally love DIY fashion because it gives me the opportunity to create the exact look that I want, and completely unique to me. DIY can also be much less expensive so the declining economy most certainly has effect on this growing trend. Two of the most common tutorials I have seen on fashion blogs, vlogs, and Pinterest boards are cut of shorts with lace embellishment, and galaxy painted textiles such as keds, shorts, and t-shirts.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

How to stack arm candy. There is actually a method to the madness, don't just throw on a bunch of bracelets.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Chriselle Lim's summer essential video. If you haven't heard of Chriselle you should check her out. She is a youtube celebrity and stylist. I love how in this video she shows you how to make several outfits with just a few basics, and that she doesn't just share trends. She gives advice on how to wear pieaces to flatter your figure.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Adidas all in campaign - What inspires Katy Perry's fashion Katy said she loves all things cute and said she is a sucker for anything with a face on it. Katy Perry is such a huge player in the fashion industry, her inspiration seems so simple, but I guess combined with her imagination and her bold personality a cute face can inspire a lot.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Today's style has a trend of leather, leather pants and skirts. It all looks good with a nice outfit. All the celebs wear them. Including Ciara and Future.

Contributed by Destinee Chambliss

Fourth of july outfit ideas!!!!

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Little black bag is a subscription site (your dont have to though you can just buy a box every now and then) that you get to choose an item from their listings that you want and then they give you 2 to 4 other things with the item you picked. then comes the fun part you can trade with other people for their items if you like them better than the ones you recieved originally.they have beauty, hair, nails, makeup, shoes, handbags, clothing, jewelry items to choose from and more. They have a lot of designer brands on there as well. It cost $50 per box but you get well worth your money plus if you USE THIS LINK AND GET 25% OFF

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Hey! So there is this AMAZING fashion show that will take place this Saturday! It is a charity fashion show to raise money for the organization, Mi Casa de Angeles, which is an organization that raises money to build new schools in Peru. The founder, Gabriella Brignardello started Mi Casa de Angeles in high school, and continues to change the lives of underprivileged children in Peru. For all you fashionistas out there, this show will be a great one to check out! -Ashley Reddy

Contributed by Ashley Reddy

Many people think that fashion is only for good looking people who are in great shape,but that is false. Fashion is for EVERYONE. I hope that one day I can send this message to the whole fashion world, so that nobody will ever be called ugly or out of style.

Contributed by Morgan Petersen-munoz