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oversized cat sweater

Contributed by Phuong Tran

High School Fashion in 1969

From LIFE magazine

Contributed by Sara Cornett

Sweet Feet

Every step is a beat of flavor in your day. So make it sweet!

Contributed by Erica Rae-chelle

Do it yourself fashion

Has anyone ever tried this?

Contributed by Desire Nicole


not a everyday item to wear

Contributed by Christy Yang

foldable shoes for when your on the go. courtesy of

Contributed by Aisha Fall

Fun & classy

Contributed by Ashly Jerez

This is great, if youre going out to a bar or club. Its cute- but then you think about it, and its a guy crawling under your skirt. Stay classy, not trashy-- ladies.

Contributed by Amanda Lynn

Western Couture

Contributed by Sara Cornett

Fashion isn't what everyone thinks is hot. Fashion has more to do with the person who is wearing the particular piece of clothing. Something that may look good on one person might look horrible on the next. Fashion has a lot to do with personality. Fashion is also pride.

Contributed by Toni Pugh