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Promise of Summer

Blissfully wishing

Contributed by Renea Powell

let's recycle our flats :D

Contributed by Paola Aleman

Bright Eyes

Be bold and daring with bright eyes!

Contributed by Renea Powell

Get inspired by the #1 addicting game of the year!

Contributed by Renea Powell

Tanesha Awasthi from the popular blog Girl with Curves, shows off her flawless style (and figure) in these beautifully snapped photos. Whether she's dressing for work, play or a walk about town she proves style is an option for any occasion or body type.

Contributed by Amanda Pulido

Cute laidback outfit

Contributed by Sara Cornett

I believe this whole heartedly.

Contributed by Amanda Pulido

I always enjoy her videos and personally could use the inspiration :)

Contributed by Grace Anne Jarrett

In love with this dress!

Contributed by Kelsey Quigley

Keep up with the latest trends and buy yourself this chevron printed maxi dress with a teal bottom and open back.

Contributed by Kimberly Alvarez