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This is my first video Iv ever made, so I hope its not that bad. this is the outfit that I wore today to school, really casual. I love watching OOTD on youtube they give me a lot of ideas on what to wear when I cant think of anything, also I like to look at chictopia as well but those are more loud styles that I cant really wear to school. please let me know If you like the outfit? also if you might be interested in seeing more OOTD`s? thanks :)

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Polyvore Creation by me. Sassy office chic. Classy and Cute. She walks down the aisle you just had to drop your jaw. She is beautiful she is fresh and new.

Contributed by Grace Moyo

Fall outfit

Tights! Love them with the boots

Contributed by Kelly MacMillan

A dress my mom and i made for my prom

Contributed by Jasmine Faison


The classical Disney princesses with a twist of today's modern trends.

Contributed by Laura Allan Birdsong

Love the Kimono as jacket and rock star tee. Source:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Is this dress awesome or what?

Contributed by Amber Wachter-Noel

Goes well the the season..

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia

Fashion designer Camelia Skikos

"Fashion designer Camelia Skikos starts her creative process with a sketch of the human body." Learn more:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo


What girl doesn't love glitter??

Contributed by Kasha Banks