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cute and fun fall fashion

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

cute jacket really pretty color

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

cozy fall fashion

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

peacock tights these are so cool!

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

Ombre tights! Credit to

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia

Boden Winter Style. Source:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Mix and match prints

have you ever wondered how to mix and match prints in your outfit and have it look great? I used yo be so confused as to how people pulled this trend off until I read an article about it in my InStyle magazine. well her are a few tips to help you out, "separate patterns with a solid. while wearing graphic accessory`s with a print in your clothing keep the two apart with a basic color", also try a bold pattern such as stripes, dots or plaid and put it with a different scale or busier print clothing item. if the prints have a color that matches in them it will more than likely look good together. If this is hard to do then just go for a dress thats made with different patterns in it already.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Office trends

Some office appropriate trends are the sailor trend with the high waisted pants with the 3 buttons on the side and a nice dress shirt and accessories ( try a bright color bag ). also the military trend by incorperating gold into your sweater and accessories. you can also mix these two trends and it will work together as well. the rest is where I got the pictures from, these pics are some ideas of what could be worn to the office from these two trends.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Travel outfit essentials

3 main things to incorporate into your outfit when your traveling are wearing material that don`t wrinkle or that stretch, a light jacket of some sort that you can put on and off ( because normally the temp fluctuates a lot when traveling), and a big bold bag to add interest to your outfit and to store all your items to keep you entertained. I`v once made the mistake of wearing a mini skirt on a plane without any leggings and it was so uncomfortable!

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

2-in-1 dresses

I got my InStyle magazine yesterday and i found this really interesting article about the Designer Lanvin`s "versatile resort 2011 line" also "Designer Alber Elbaz designed savy trenchcoats that reverse to waterproof rain jackets, ruched dresses with adjustable hemlines, and sexy maillots that morph into evening wear with atachable skirts". (grace lee wrote this article) this is such a cool new concept with fashion. wouldn`t it be neat if we could buy one dress and have it change to be worn 2 ways instead of one. now i would wonder how comfortable it would be to wear if the inside had detail on it.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft