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Classy, yet cute

Contributed by Tina Ward

This would be perfect on a summer day out.

Contributed by Tina Ward

You can easily see the trends for this fall season of 2013. You can mix and match trends to your own personal style. There isn't a "right way" to dress up for fall, but you can see that tights, beanies, olive green, and burgundy are hot topics this year!

Contributed by Annie Nguyen

I do not like how most men are okay with letting their pants hang below their butt. I also do not like how most men do not care about their appearance and wear sweat pants all the time. YES, women wear sweats, but it is not everyday all year long. We wear jeans, shorts, capris, ect. and we actually do care (somewhat) about our appearance.

Contributed by Victoria Lea Moser

Victorian Women

Who would still wear these nowadays? ME!

Contributed by Ashlee Beige Overlin

Victorian Era

She is so beautiful!

Contributed by Ashlee Beige Overlin

Victorian High Tops?

I'd wear these any day :)

Contributed by Ashlee Beige Overlin

From fashion photographer Massimo Zanusso

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

“Any power whatsoever is destined to fail before fashion,” Mussolini (said shortly before the beginning of WWII).

Contributed by Anne Marie Schudy

Beautiful Winter fashion from Antipast

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo