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Lets face it, Facebook has completely changed the way we communicate with individuals. We no longer need to call individuals to see how they are, just take a look at their recent post. We have and overabundance of "friends" that we feel make us popular in a sense. We can see more of what is happening with individuals whom we don't get to see often, or even communicate with. We can see what businesses are doing in their line of work, and even watch advertisements of products that relate to us. Facebook is changing the way we as human beings relate and socialize with everyone around us.

Contributed by Jake Tverberg

A now-famous interview with Mark Zuckerberg back when it was called The Facebook. At about 3:57 is when Mark is asked "and where are you taking this?" to which he replied "There doesn't necessarily have to be more."

Contributed by David Dauber

There are rumors that Facebook is once again going to try a classified service. They had tried this once in 2007, but it didn't take off and it subsequently offloaded it to Oodle. It'll be interesting to see how this new service will be different from their last effort and better than the already-loved Craigslist.

Contributed by Chuck Kao

This adds to the string of bad news for Facebook. Not only is its stock now less than half its IPO price, it's losing momentum from game developers, an important part of Facebook engagement and revenue.

Contributed by Chuck Kao