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Extreme poverty

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Poverty is beyond monetary. In fact, poverty resides in both hearts and pockets. The beauty (and curse) of poverty is that everyone can relate. I grew up in a wealthy household but still witnessed poverty in many different ways. I saw poverty on the streets, in the homes of others. But most importantly, and probably worst of all, is that I saw poverty in the hearts of people. That's where it begins. People can stay strong through the hard times of it all. That's the beauty of human nature - resilience, perseverance. But if even an ounce of doubt - guilt, shame, you name it - gets in your way, it's all downhill from there. Depression, lack of positive self-image, feelings of worthlessness, lack of love... all of these are like poison to the human spirit. Anyone - billionaire, or someone living off of eating bugs - anyone can lose everything. Monetary, or otherwise. Lack of love is the greatest poverty this world has seen. Everyone suffers in some way shape or form. But, the fact that everyone can relate is our biggest weapon against poverty. Those with money - those that can help - need to realize their poverty in order to sympathize with those who have nothing. Sure this sounds like a democratic, left-wing, fanatic idea of sharing the wealth. But, when the hearts of this world line up, when the walls of social class come crumbling down, when everyone is finally seen on the same playing field, hearts will be won for the brother in need. Hearts will be changed. Eyes will be open. And ears will finally listen to the needs of others. Poverty isn't just monetary, no. It resides in both hearts and pockets.

Contributed by Joe Spaulding

wow, that video is very touching. if the whole world could see this video it would change a lot of people's hearts on what they can do to fight poverty!

Contributed by Mark Shanklin

Poverty is not just a word...but it is an epidemic. It is something that is occuring at this very second; through every snow storm, every holiday, and every moment of everyday. Through the extremity of the situation, I know that only We have the power to change it. It is our responsibility to allow "homelessness" to become a word of the past!

Contributed by Lexi Lorch

"If you love until it hurts, then there will be no more hurt...only more love." -Mother Teresa

Contributed by Lexi Lorch

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