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In your first year of Pixar, what would you say your most important resources were? Was it financing, physical space, key employees, expertise? Well employees, we had this marvelous team of wizzes, Ed and I had this philosophy, get people smarter than yourself, it’s easy to say but hard to do because people are always interested in power, and there’s this fear that if you bring in someone that’s smarter than you they’ll get more power than you. We weren’t like this, we were very collegiate, that’s the style of Pixar, we had this amazing team of talent. Talent was the key resource, everyone that thought about supporting us saw that talent was the key thing. In class we learned that what drives an entrepreneur to create a business dictates whether or not this business will be a success. What would you say motivated you to build Pixar and work through Pixar despite all the hardships? Make that movie, we had that one vision to make that movie. Such a strong motivation, we just knew in our bones that when Moore’s law dropped another several orders of magnitude, we could make that movie. We saw that early on, so we were completely ready for it when it happened. I can’t emphasize how much fun it was, to be the first.

Contributed by Abdull Hamud