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Software Engineering The number one job for engineers right now is software engineering. Software engineers are responsible for creating complex computer software. This software allows computers to perform even the simplest operations. The demand for software engineers is high, the pay is great and the working conditions are amazing. Earning a very comfortable amount of $90,000 a year, engineers can find jobs in this field with businesses, government agencies and even non-profit organizations as analysts, developers, technical support, managers, researchers and more. Petroleum Engineering Coming in second for the best engineering job is Petroleum engineering. This field focuses on the productions of hydrocarbons. Using their knowledge of hydrocarbons, petroleum engineers, along with other scientists, help determine how a reservoir is developed and depleted. This field requires familiarity in many areas including geophysics, economics, artificial lift systems, and more. That is why Petroleum engineers are one of the highest paid engineers out there. The working conditions are the worst of all on this list, but with a whopping $114,000 a year salary and being in somewhat high demand, this job is ideal. Civil Engineer Even though this is one of the least paying engineering jobs on the list, it comes in as number three because of its high demand and exceptional working conditions. Civil engineers work on roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings. These engineers have to take into account how to create their projects around the existing environment. They can take jobs that are public or private. Do not be discouraged from going into this field because it is one of the least paying, because the pay it is still a very comfortable $77,000 a year. Nuclear Engineer Number four on the list is nuclear engineering. These engineers deal with nuclear medicine, medical physics, nuclear materials, nuclear fuels, radiation protection and measurement. Nuclear engineering is somewhat exclusive because there are only 40 colleges and universities in the United States that offer courses for nuclear engineers. This makes nuclear engineers harder to come by, thus making the pay higher. This job pays a nice $99,000 a year, right behind the pay of a petroleum engineer. The demand in this field in not too high but not too low either. Also, the working conditions are not the best but they could use some improvement. Aerospace Engineer Last on the list is aerospace engineering. This field pays the third highest amount with $97,000 a year. Aerospace engineering can be split into two branches: aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Both branches overlap and focus on developing, designing and testing aircraft and spacecraft. With this field of engineering being high paying and having excellent working conditions, it is no wonder many engineers would love to work in this field. However, the demand for aerospace engineers is one of the lowest on the list.

Contributed by Kendra Malone

Visuals of "How Things Work". Includes things such as the zipper, pi, and the radial engine. Pretty spiffy.

Contributed by Keri Potter

History and Engineering meet!

Contributed by Lorena Chanlatte

this is a cool picture.

Contributed by Trey Graves

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