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Engagement ring

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I think its funny that before the "diamond engagement ring" tradition was started, people were still falling in love and getting married, but with the advertisement of one company, it could change the way we look at engagements forever. Would you ever accept a proposal without a diamond ring?

Contributed by Natosha Hampton

Vintage Engagement Ring

This is so stunning!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

A different band for a girly girl.

Contributed by Darby Oliver


A vintage wedding ring

Contributed by Darby Oliver

Beautiful! I love blue! =)

Contributed by Joselyn Rojas

Anniversary ring, engagement ring, wedding ring... Stack your rings!

Contributed by Jennifer Dinh


Contributed by Allison Bersoux


Contributed by Allison Bersoux


Contributed by Allison Bersoux


Contributed by Allison Bersoux

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