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Emergency medical services

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The phrase, "BSI, Scene Safe," is the first thing to be tested on in EMS testing. The phrase starts with BSI: Body Substance Isolation. EMS professionals must be sure to have proper BSI (gloves, gowns, etc.) before encountering a patient so they can prevent the transfer of contaminants. "Scene Safe" means that the professional must consider whether the scene of the emergency is safe before they enter. If the professional enters and is injured in some way, they have become an additional patient and more units are necessary. If the scene is not safe, public safety or hazmat agencies may be called to secure the scene.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

Emergency Medical Transport

Life Guard International, AKA FlyingICU is a company that transports critically ill patients on fixed-wing airplanes across the U.S. and even internationally. They are a wonderful company, lead by a strong, independent woman - my mom!

Contributed by Kim Miller

In EMS, the ABCs are the first and most important parts of your initial medical assessment. A is for airway. Is the patient's airway blocked by a foreign object, vomit, or other fluids? B is for breathing. Is the patient breathing spontaneously? Is the breathing labored or shallow? C is for circulation. Is the patient's heart beating? Does the patient have a pulse in all four extremities? Are there any obvious sources of bleeding? By beginning with your ABCs, you will be assessing the most emergent of the patient's possible complaints.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

AEDs can be crucial when someone has a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Early detection and defibrillator increases patient survival and the machines themselves are very easy to use. The automated system and simple diagrams on the machine's pads allow laypeople to use AEDs effectively, with minimal or no training. Consider purchasing an AED for your place of work as a part of your emergency preparedness plans.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

Social Media

Using social media in an emergency may be the newest way to get assistance, but be sure to call 911 for care you can depend on.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

Planning for Emergencies

A few simple steps can help you prepare for an emergency.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

Texting while driving causes many emergencies every year.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

EMS Job Statistics

EMT Job Statistics

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

NIMS is a system created by the US Department of Homeland Security as a framework by which any event or incident may be coordinated. This system was developed by analyzing past incidents and creating a formulary that could be generalized for any situation.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

Besides the ambulances, EMS agencies employ several other vehicles to support emergency operations. Many agencies employ command vehicles (usually SUVs) and special utility vehicles. These other vehicles can help provide additional staff and other resources when there is a motor vehicle accident (MVA), mass casualty incident (MCI), or other complex incident.

Contributed by Dan Sunderland

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