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The theme of the power of political elites is evident in the rally for the Reproductive Health Act. Political elites are the select few who have a disproportionate share of political power. These elites hold office, run for office, work in campaigns, work for newspapers, lead interest groups, and speak out on public issues. Political elites are more informed in politics and the current issues and find more importance in those issues. Since they have more interest in politics, political elites are more likely to stick with their stand whether liberal or conservative. In the article, the “state’s Democratic leaders” are the prominent examples of political elites, as already proven by the fact that this article is devoted to Governor Cuomo and their role in moving the act forward. Since these leaders consist of the Lt. Gov Robert Duffy and others, they are in elected office, thus their elite position to influence not only the attendees of the rally, but also others who may be unconvinced. Because of more information and interest, political activists can base their views on connected relations that others may not see that still conform to their stand. Also, elites gain their personal following as a result of “likes attracting likes.” The Democratic leaders and four hundred devoted attendees can be classified as complete activists who take part in all forms of political activity. Other rally attendees might consist of campaigners who both vote for the candidate who support their views and get involved in the campaigns by rallying. Inactives and voting specialists would not be

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