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Elephants are largest mammals they are known as the asian elephants. They are great to experimental them.

Contributed by Victoria Camacho

Adult elephants can not jump because of their massive size.

Contributed by Zoe Walsh

Elephants remember where they buried their dead o.o

Contributed by Ana Karely Maldonado

Sweet elephant video - tara and bella; elephant and dog who were best friends!

Contributed by Sarah Joy Blankenship

Even elephants want something to play with

Contributed by Ana Maria Perez

I love elephants want to meet one some day. They are so smart.

Contributed by Samantha Powell

Elephants are truly my favorite animals on the planet. I love them they are so gentle, relaxed, and tender hearted. But yet many people don't see that, they abuse them or even kill them. We need this animals in peace.

Contributed by Avalon Rose


Who said elephants aren't talented? Well here's a video that will blow your mind away.

Contributed by Andrea Stefanoni Tejeda

Elephant dissection. May be graphic.

Contributed by David Hamilton

Even though there are different species of elephants they are willing to help each other out in the rough times.

Contributed by Manroup Shoker