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Elephant Evolution


Contributed by Kelsey Stewart

An African Elephant and his Mahout (an elephant rider).

Contributed by Sara Cornett

Elephants are possibly the only other mammal besides humans to perform rituals for their dead. While humans hold funerals, elephants have been known to form a sort of line to touch the deceased elephant with their trunks. When all members of the herd have "said their goodbyes", they then bury the dead by placing branches and undergrowth, grass etc ontop of the body.

Contributed by Ellie Apple Carlin

I love this picture.

Contributed by Jazmin Luna

Baby elephant's first steps!

Contributed by Monica Ventura

Daughter learned about Elephants in school and came home with her drawing of an Elephant. It's cute

Contributed by Sally Ann

Elephants are very intelligent!

Contributed by Adriana Alcala


Contributed by Allison Bersoux

Powerful animal with so much energy and power.

Contributed by Feba Elizabeth Mathew

Amazing, with so much energy.

Contributed by Feba Elizabeth Mathew