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El Salvador

El Salvador (/ɛl ˈsælvədɔːr/ ( listen); Spanish: [el salβaˈðor]), officially the Republic of El Salvador (Spanish: República de El Salvador, literally "Republic of The Savior"), is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. El Salvador's capital and largest city is San Salvador. , the country had a population of approximately million, consisting largely of Mestizos of European and Indigenous American descent.

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El Salvador Kicks Monsanto and Their Seeds Out of their Country

The country of El Salvador is booting companies like Monsanto from having a role in its growing methods. Growers in the country know the importance of producing their own seeds as well as the need to avoid those produced by bioengineering giants. Monsanto can no longer provide the country with seeds. The main agenda of these types of biotech companies is to force farmers to produce the company's seeds every year at highly inflated prices which rely on toxic industrial fertilizers now banned in many countries due to risk of cancer.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

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