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Eiffel Tower

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A picture from June of 2013 that I took of the Eiffel Tower. The view from the top was so breathtaking and beautiful. Definitely something I'll never forget!

Contributed by Brittany Tabor

This was taken by VuThéara, a UI designer living in Paris. He is one of the most followed French instagrammers! Do you understand why now?! If you have an instagram:@vutheara

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

I took this picture my first trip to Paris in June 2009.

Contributed by Paris Picard

The sunset off the tower! So Pretty

Contributed by Brianna Mann

April 2013

Contributed by Brianna Mann

Original photo of Eiffel Tower at the ground level in the far background. Fun fact, did you know the trees surrounding this park are cut to look like squares?

Contributed by Emily Carnevale

The Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe. If anyone ever wanted to get a good view of France, I suggest climbing the stairs of the Arc de Triomphe instead of the Eiffel Tower for several reasons. The tower only has one elevator, so you must wait for hours or choose to climb the stairs. Once you begin climbing, you'll begin to pass the best height for picture taking because everything appears so small. The Arc de Triomphe has less lines and is at the right height for picture taking and gazing.

Contributed by Emily Carnevale

The Eiffel Tower at night

Contributed by Emily Carnevale

Did you know Felicity, California owns 25 ft. of the Eiffel Tower's stairs? They claim is what part of the original stairway but had to be removed because it made the top too heavy.

Contributed by Mallory Kraus

Original photo of the Eiffel tower from another perspective

Contributed by Emily Carnevale