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Egyptians (Egyptian Arabic: مَصريين‎  IPA: [mɑsˤɾɪjˈjiːn]; Maṣreyyīn; Arabic: مِصريّون‎; Ni/rem/en/kīmi) are an ethnic group native to Egypt and the citizens of that country sharing a common culture and a common dialect known as Egyptian Arabic.

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Al-Ahly Crest

The crest of Al-Ahly, founded in 1907.

Contributed by Clair Man Sour

Egypt is the only country in the Middle East to have a movie industry. Famous actors include Mona Zaki, Ahmed Hemley, Adel Emam, and many others, and almost all Egyptian films have one outstanding musical number. One corner of the industry is prominent in Libya, and that is voice-overs. Many Turkish dramas (popular in the Middle East) are dubbed by Libyan actors.

Contributed by Clair Man Sour

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