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I started my degree in education a while ago, took a break, and now I am back. I am also working full time teaching children at a preschool. This has been an amazing opportunity and experience for me. Everyday, I learn a new way to approach a child to encourage them to learn. Teaching is simply not telling a child information. It is listening to your students, finding common ground to build from, and being a master of on the fly adjustments. If something is not working, you have to find a way to make it work. They have to learn. We need to strive to make them feel like it was their idea to learn in the first place.

Contributed by Victoria Heather Herman

Is education a right or a privilege? Is a GREAT education a right or a privilege?

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

With education being a luxury in some parts of the world, imagination is key in making you the person you wish to be. Just like Kelvin Doe in this video.

Contributed by Raymond N. Kindva

Without education, I don't think anyone can get nowhere in life. Education is the basis of all jobs. It makes smarter and wiser.

Contributed by Avalon Rose

If you want to continue your education but can't afford to, there are tons of universities that have classes you can take online through coursera for free. These classes won't necessarily help you get a degree but they will allow you to further your education on your own and you receive certificates for the courses you complete.

Contributed by Deciymber Goss

Class Rules

Contributed by Maggie Dressel

In order to let kids think, teachers need to be more open to alternative problem solving methods. Educators be prepared to work with individuals and realize that there isn't always only one answer or one way to answer. Educators must learn from their students as their students learn from them.

Contributed by Kait Zemanski

There is a saying in my language “Being without knowledge is like being without light." This proverb is how I live my life because without an education, a person would not have the light to guide them to a successful life. The Somali civil war forced my family to relocate to Kenya.

Contributed by Ayan Gelle

The uses of technology in first world countries today has enabled students to learn in different styles and to enhance the ideas taught in the actual classroom. But those uses are rapidly expanding. In 2011, a robot using wireless video hook-up, called the VGo, was made. This robot has been able to do things that other technologies cannot (e.g. travel down the hallway with peers, having a noticeable feature that mimics raising one's hand, etc).. The VGo is used to allow students to attend school remotely, which comes in handy for students that have medical conditions that prevents them from going to school. The article attached is a story about one of the children who are using VGo to attend school.

Contributed by Julia Wickersham

Sir Ken Robinson has quite the perspective. As educators it is up to us to provide opportunity for growth and an arena for our students to blossom using their own creativity as a spring board.

Contributed by Zachary O'Neill