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Drum and bugle corps (modern)

A modern drum and bugle corps, is a musical marching ensemble consisting of brass instruments, percussion instruments, synthesizers, and color guard. Typically operating as independent non-profit organizations, drum corps perform in competitions, parades, festivals, and other civic functions. Participants of all ages are represented within the band activity, but the majority are between the ages of 13 and 22 and are members of corps within Drum Corps International or Drum Corps Associates.

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Take a look at the artistry inherent in this fantastic display of music and marching. They sound like a professional brass band while looking like dancers.

Contributed by Matthew Carstensen

Gotta Love it!

Contributed by Jamey Robertson

A very cool look into the amazing world that is DCI!!

Contributed by Jamey Robertson

Official homepage of Drum Corps.

Contributed by Jamey Robertson

Currently, the World Class Corps are as follows: The Academy The Blue Devils Blue Knights Bluecoats Boston Crusaders The Cadets Carolina Crown Cascades The Cavaliers Colts Crossmen Glassmen Jersey Surf Madison Scouts Mandarins Oregon Crusaders Pacific Crest Phantom Regiment Pioneer Santa Clara Vanguard Spirit of Atlanta Troopers

Contributed by Amber Stiles

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