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Drosera capillaris

Drosera capillaris, the pink or spathulate-leaved sundew (not to be confused with Drosera spatulata), is a small carnivorous plant of the family Droseraceae in the genus Drosera. They are frequently found in wet pine flatwoods and bogs of the southeastern United States, ranging from eastern Texas east to Florida and north to Virginia, as well as in some areas of the Caribbean. They thrive in moist, acidic soil.

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An unusual form of Drosera capillaris has been reported numerous times in the southeastern pat of its US range, through Florida and parts of the surrounding states. This form often has much larger leaves with greatly elongated petioles that have led some to believe these may be polyploid fertile hybrid swarms between D. intermedia and D. capillaris. These plants, however, still retain defining characteristics such as telltale stipules at the base of the leaves that are identical to other D. capillaris, and a general leaf lamina shape that also matches the species, and not any confirmed hybrids. To add to the confusion, many of these strange, prolific plants have been found to have plant parts and cell diameters that are twice the size of other specimens of the same species, a strong suggestion of previous polyploid hybridization.

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