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Drone or drones may refer to:

  • Drone (bee), a male bee, from an unfertilized egg
  • Drone, a fertile male ant

Science and technology

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If you want to buy a drone ?...

If you want to buy a drone but don't know which one to start with or what the top drones for sale are, then you've come to the right place.

Contributed by Austin Pruitt

Ban on drones flying...

On Friday, June 20th, the National Park Service announced a ban on drones flying over any National Park property until further notice.

Contributed by Austin Pruitt

These are absolutely awesome. I would love to see these bots interacting in synchronous on a large obstacle course. I'm an electrical engineer and for my final bachelor project I would love to equip a couple of these with motion and light sensors and GPS so that they could fly on autopilot.

Contributed by Christopher Deloglos

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