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Drinking is the act of ingesting water or other liquids into the body through the mouth. Water is required for many of life’s physiological processes. Both excessive and inadequate water intake are associated with health problems.

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I believe that the drinking age should not be lowered. If it were lowered it would cause more of a problem. I am a sophomore in college. I see students that drink all the time. They end up not knowing what they did the night before unless someone tells them, they didn't know where they were the night before, or what had happened. Why wouldn't you want to know what you did the night before? Why drink and not remember anything? Drinking affects the brain. Impairing your speech, throwing off your balance, and loss of coordination. In students at the age of 18 their brain is still developing and still needs time to develop. Lowering the drinking age would affect their brain and not give it the time it needs to develop. If it were to be lowered students would be focusing more on partying rather than school work. Therefore, lowering the drinking age would be a bad idea and should not be done.

Contributed by Ariel Brooks

This a video that I believe does a nice job explaining why the drinking age should not be lowered.

Contributed by Ariel Brooks

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