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Neon Yellow Casual Dress

Perfect casual dress! Link below!

Contributed by Darby Oliver

*Breathes heavily* I'd kill for this dress!!!!!!!

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

It's so flowy and soft

Contributed by Jordan Griffin


Contributed by Jordan Griffin

The back of this dress is ahmazeballs!!!!!

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

This dress is frighteningly intriguing

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Nothing can compare to a striking red dress

A dress should be worn to contour and compliment a women's body. Nothing does this better than this striking red dress. It transforms this pretty women into a hot bombshell that no one can ignore.

Contributed by Lindsay Pizzurro

Elegant, yet simple.

Contributed by Gabriela Paola Valentin Diaz

Have the urge to look red carpet worthy? Look no further! Here's the link to celebrity inspired dresses. I bought my high school prom dress from here :)

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia

Special Occasion Dress

A wonderful royal blue dress... under a hundred bucks! Source:

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia