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In some Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher or dream catcher (Ojibwe: asabikeshiinh, the inanimate form of the word for "spider") is a handmade willow hoop, on which is woven a net or web. The dreamcatcher may also include sacred items such as certain feathers or beads. Traditionally they are often hung over cradles as protection.), a hoop with woven string or sinew meant to replicate a spider's web, used as a protective charm for infants.

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By: Ryan Burke

Contributed by Claudia Tosto

DIY Beaded Dream Catcher

Materials Needed: Copper wire Beads Metal loop Wire cutter

Contributed by Tess Chaffin

Dream catchers are traditionally hung at the head of a child's cradle. The feather represents air, and different feathers have unique meanings. Owl's feathers represent wisdom, and eagle feathers represent courage.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Beautiful dreamcatcher earrings!

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Dreamcatchers are usually put up somewhere around the bed in order to keep all your bad dreams away or to keep a bad dream from returning. They are also really pretty and come in different sizes and colors. You can also make your own! There are many tutorials on Youtube that you can view and follow to make a pretty and creative dreamcatcher.

Contributed by Adelina Velasquez

Sophie's World: Dreamcatchers

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

Dream Catcher Necklace - Do It, Gurl

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

How to make a dreamcatcher

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

How To Make A Dreamcatcher Bracelet

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

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