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Ever wonder what your dreams mean? This is the very best website for dream interpretations.

Contributed by Atrice Alexis


Contributed by Anna Tanis

Our dreams are realized by the boundaries of our imagination. Without boundaries, our dreams can be unworldly.

Contributed by Marvic Adoptante

Use this site to find out what you are really thinking about in your dreams!

Contributed by Adrienne Feisel

I always thought dreams were fascinating.. Id love to hear about the craziest dream you ever had

Contributed by Bethany Hawe

Techniques on how to achieve lucid dreaming depicted in this video.

Contributed by Derek Lin

Lucid dreams are dreams where the subject is aware that he/she is dreaming. Knowledge of the fact that he/she is dreaming enables the dreamer to somewhat control what they are doing in a dream. Often times lucid dreamers dream about flying. A common lucid dream that many children have experienced is the false awakening dream. In this dream the dreamer dreams that they have woken up within their dream. Children tend to dream a false awakening dream when they need to urinate while sleeping. It is common for a young toddler to dream about waking up and going to the bathroom. Often times the child urinates in the real world as they urinate in the dream. This false awakening dream happens based on the body's urge to release the excess urine stored in the bladder. Lucid dreamers may also experience out-of-body experiences where the dreamer feels as if they are floating and can sometimes perceive their own bodies within the dream. Lucid dreams are still a mystery to scientists and no one truly knows the reasons for dreams at all.

Contributed by Derek Lin

Dreams are an interesting and mysterious part of human life. Every night while you're asleep, you dream , even if you don't know it or remember it in the morning. This video shows you the science behind dreaming, and what are brains and bodies go through while we dream.

Contributed by Aby Rodriguez

You can learn so much about yourself from your dreams! Seriously. Especially if you are unsure about something in your life just ask your inner Self to give you some perspective on your situation. Just know that dreams are RARELY literal so don't freak out if something bad happens. They speak in metaphor. I would suggest getting a dream dictionary, but you have to write them down first! First step, keep a dream journal. Second, decipher them and figure out how it connects to your life. Third, take action for the betterment of yourself. I'll see if I can find a dream dictionary online.

Contributed by Miren Moragrega

your body is virtually paralyzed during your dream. Gland secrete a hormone that helps induce sleep and makes the body relax more. You also forget 90% of your dreams and although they may seem that they are i color, not all of them really are.

Contributed by Sam Rutledge