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My dreads and dreads of my clients. Find me n Facebook at Jahslyn Chen See

Contributed by Antoinette Chen See

Dreads are her natural accessory that adds to her gorgeous look.

Contributed by Antoinette Chen See

A perfect example of traditional long dreads.

Contributed by Antoinette Chen See

There are many sources (online and otherwise) who claim to have the right method for making dreadlocks. If you begin a search for the "right" way, I am here to testify to the fact that there are as many methods as there are sources, and there is not one way more right than another. However, I have had wonderful success with the following method (which is why I will be explaining it below): 1) Start with a brushed and ready head of hair. Decide if you want to lock up your whole head or just a few or just one, etc.. 2) Get a good teasing comb and block out a bit of time. (It took me about 20 minutes to start the three I have.) 3) Take a strand of hair that is about the thickness of a hefty drinking straw. Clip back surrounding hair so it doesn't get in the way. 3) Start near the top and tease tease tease, while holding the strand at the bottom. Continue down the strand of hair, tangling it very well along the way till you've reached the bottom. 4) Go back to the top and twist the frizzy strand slightly, teasing as you go. This will lock in all the frizzes that are everywhere. Continue to twist and tease to the bottom of the strand. 5) You're done! You have successfully made your first dreads. Until they are fully locked, you will have to maintain by repeating step 4 every morning, until you like the way they stay when you wake up without doing anything else. 6) If desired, you can add beads or feathers by getting a twist tie and threading it through the bead/around the feather, and then attaching it in the deadlock of choice. This is preferable to doing it permanently (beading in original formation), because you now have the ability to trade out as you please.

Contributed by Samantha Regis